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Frequently Asked Pipeline Questions

Thinking of doing business with us?  Here are commonly asked questions.

The information provided herein is for your benefit and is meant to be in full compliance with the Iroquois FERC Gas Tariff. In the event of a discrepancy between the terms of this document and the Tariff, the terms of the Tariff are controlling.

Where is the Iroquois natural gas pipeline?

The Iroquois pipeline is a 416-mile interstate natural gas pipeline system that begins at the TransCanada interconnect in Iroquois, Ontario, Canada and extends from the U.S. Canadian border at Waddington, NY, through New York State and western Connecticut to Commack, NY; and from Huntington, NY to its terminus in Hunts Point in Bronx, NY.

What other pipelines interconnect with Iroquois?

Waddington, NY = TransCanada Pipelines

Canajoharie, NY = Dominion Transmission
Wright , NY = Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Brookfield, CT = Algonquin Gas Transmission

Shelton, CT = Tennessee Gas Pipeline

What markets can I reach by shipping my gas on Iroquois

Iroquois’ position in the Northeast enables our shippers to reach numerous Local Distribution Companies and Electric Generation facilities throughout upstate New York, Connecticut, Long Island and New York City.

What are the various transportation services that Iroquois offers?

Firm Reserved Transportation (RTS)
Interruptible (ITS) Transportation
HUB Transportation
Park and Loan (PALS)

Does Iroquois sell gas?

No, Iroquois is only a transporter of natural gas.

Does Iroquois have storage directly connected to its pipeline?

No – however, Iroquois is able to offer “storage-like” products using our PAL and HUB services.

Where can I find Iroquois Rates?

Iroquois’ rates are located on the Informational Posting link. Go to Tariff link and under this heading, select Currently Effective Rates. 

How do I become a Firm Service Shipper?

If firm service is available, there is an Open Season posting on our website. To view current Open Season postings, go to “Informational Postings” and click “Notices.” You can participate by simply completing an Open Season Bid Form, which can be found on our website under ”Pipeline Services, Forms.” If there are no Open Seasons available, please feel free to contact your service representative to discuss transportation service opportunities. Once a request is received in writing, Iroquois will determine whether there is adequate capacity to fulfill your request for service.

How do I sign up for Interruptible, HUB or Park and Loan Service?

To sign up for Interruptible, HUB or Park and Loan Service, complete a Service Request Form, and submit it to Iroquois' Contracting & Credit Services Representative.

Are there any fees for signing up for service?

There are no fees associated with an Interruptible Service (ITS), HUB Service (HUB) or Park and Loan Service (PALS) contract until a shipper actually moves gas. However, a customer must be credit worthy or have financial assurances in place per Section 3 of the General Terms and Conditions of the Iroquois FERC approved tariff in order to execute one of these contracts.

Is there a minimum quantity of dekatherms for service?

No, there is no minimum for Interruptible, HUB, Firm or Park and Loan service.

How do I obtain a Service Request Form?

The Service Request Form is located under the Pipeline Services, Forms Section. All forms are in PDF format.

How do I become an “Approved Bidder?”

Approved Bidder” is a term used to indicate potential shippers who are pre-approved to bid on capacity release. Potential Replacement Shippers must sign up for Blanket Capacity Replacement Contract and forward financial information for credit evaluation as described below.

How do I sign up for a Blanket Capacity Replacement Contract?

To sign up for Blanket Capacity Replacement, please contact Iroquois’ Contracting and Credit Services Representative. You will be required to forward financial information for credit evaluation. 

How long do I have to wait for my contract after I send in my forms?

Iroquois will evaluate the information offered in support of the shipper’s request for service to determine whether there is adequate capacity to fulfill this request for service and that it is compatible with the operating conditions on Iroquois’ system (i.e. validate your request for service). Within thirty days of receiving a valid request for Interruptible, HUB or Park and Loan service, Iroquois shall tender a Gas Transportation Contract.

Who can help me if I do not understand the forms?

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Heather Chappa, Contracting and Credit Services Representative, at 203-925-7229.

How do I nominate my gas?
Nominations are done electronically, via our electronic bulletin board, Iroquois OnLine (IOL). Iroquois uses a path non-threaded and a non-pathed nomination model (3-part nomination model). This requires every transportation nomination to have a receipt, delivery and a transportation line. If you wish to nominate, please contact Jenn Kosich, Senior Transportation and Scheduling Coordinator at 203-944-7045.

How do I get to Iroquois OnLine so I can nominate electronically?
For a username and password, please email your request to, with your contact information (email, phone numbers, ICE chat if applicable) and job title.

Who can help me if I do not understand the nomination process?
If you have any questions or require additional information about nominating, please call Jenn Kosich our Senior Transportation and Scheduling Coordinator at 203-944-7045 or at the One-Stop number: 1-888-IGTS-REP (1-888-448-7737).

Where do I find the Monthly Measurement Variance Fuel Use Factor?
The Measurement Variance Fuel Use Factors are posted 10 days before the start of the applicable month. To access the fuel factor posting please do the following:
Select Informational Posting on our Home page
Select Notices
Select Non-Critical
IOL users can elect to receive the fuel factor notice in their e-mail.

How do I calculate the Monthly Fuel Use Factor on my nomination?

IOL calculates the fuel for nominations. When creating the transport section of a nomination, enter the delivery quantity and IOL will calculate the fuel for each nomination line and the required receipt quantity will be populated automatically.

The standard fuel calculation mechanism, as related to the nomination process, should be (1-fuel %/100) multiplied by recipient quantity=delivery quantity. (Our fuel is calculated on the receipt quantity since we do charge fuel on fuel).

What if the Monthly Fuel Use Factor causes my “receipt” on my nomination to exceed the Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ) on my contract?

Receipt quantities are subject to the Maximum Input Quantity on Schedule 1 of your transportation contract.  Typically, this is set to an amount equal to the MDQ of your contract plus applicable fuel. The bottom line is that your nominated receipt quantity can exceed the MDQ of your transportation contract so long as the nominated delivery quantity does not exceed the MDQ of your contract.

What is the difference between “Park and Loan” and “Title Transfer”?

A park is a “deposit” of gas (transfer in to the pipeline) at a specified meter(s) on the pipe. Gas can be parked for an undetermined amount of time. Usually, parks are made to zero loan balances.

A loan is a “withdrawal” of gas (transfer out of the pipeline) at a specified meter(s) on the pipe. A Loan can also be outstanding for an undetermined amount of time. Usually, a loan is made to zero a park balance.

A Title Transfer is the equal quantity of gas deposited (transfer in) and withdrawn (transfer out) at the same meter on the same day(s). A title transfer is often used to consolidate multiple receipts and deliveries. Title Transfer also serves to preserve privacy between upstream/downstream business transactions when desired by customers.

How do I obtain my monthly invoice and supporting documents?

Iroquois prepares its invoices by the 9th business day of the month. When invoices are ready, an email notice is sent to all billing personnel. At that time, it is the responsibility of the customer to log onto Iroquois OnLine (IOL) to retrieve and print their invoice package. The invoice package contains the Statement of Account, the invoice and the backup reports. If you need help with accessing your invoices, please contact Helena Clancy at 203-944-7047.

What are my payment responsibilities?

It is your responsibility to pay the balance reflected on your statement of account by the 20th day of the month. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, payment is due on the next business day. Any payment not received by the 20th of the month will incur an interest charge on the next months' invoice. The amount on your invoice reflects your activity for the month but the statement of account is the amount to be paid.

Why does the amount on the invoice differ from the amount on the statement of account?

Occasionally the amount may differ due to overpayments, underpayments, credits or debits. Always pay the statement of account amount.

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