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IOL Setup and Help

Iroquois OnLine (IOL) works with many versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems, as well other several other operating systems. In order to connect to IOL you will need to run one of the following Citrix based products

  • Local Citrix client also known as the ICA client for Presentation Server. IOL runs faster and more seamlessly with the ICA client. However, the ICA client must be installed on your computer's local hard drive.

Java client

  • The Java client does not require installation and is automatically delivered. The Java client does require Java runtime software be available on the computer.

Active X Client

  • This client allows an end user to connect to IOL through your Internet browser. This Client is automatically delivered as an Internet Explorer add-on. You may be required to right click on your toolbar and select install Active X component when prompted.

When the IOL login web page loads, IOL looks for the preferred ICA client. If the ICA client is not found a warning message is displayed. If you intend to use the Java client or Active X client, you may ignore the warning message. Instructions for installing and using both types of clients appear below.

For more information, please click the setup and help topic links, below

Setup and Help topics are:

IOL Help Desk: If you need assistance, please contact the IOL Help Desk at 1-888-IGTS-REP (1-888-448-7737) option 4

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