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The Iroquois Report Newsletter - The Latest From The Line

Follow our latest community initiatives and expansion projects. Meet some of our staff. Gain new insights on environmental ventures, pipeline safety, and events we're participating in. The Iroquois Report is a newsletter distributed to elected officials, regulators, environmental organizations and the media along our pipeline to keep them informed of our activities.

We invite you to read the Iroquois Report, download the current issue, or access our archives. If you would like to be added to our mailing list and receive the Iroquois Report, please contact us and provide your name and mailing address.

Iroquois Report Archives Table of Contents

2017 Spring Edition

  • Creating Awareness for Pipeline Safety
  • Right of Way Activities Planned for 2017
  • Safe Operations & System Reliability
  • CT Call Before You Dig Elects New President

2016 Spring Edition

  • Iroquois Field Technicians Honored by Damage Prevention Councils
  • Right of Way Activities Planned for 2016
  • Creating Awareness for Pipeline Safety
  • Safe Operations & System Reliability

2015 Spring Edition

  • Safe Operations & System Reliability
  • Walking the Line to Conduct Close Interval Surveys
  • Creating Awareness for Pipeline Safety
  • Right of Way Work Planned for 2015

2014 Spring Edition

  • Creating Awareness for Pipeline Safety
  • 2015 Calendar Photo Contest
  • Safe Operations & System Reliability
  • Right of Way Work Planned for 2014

2013 Spring Edition

  • Creating Awareness for Pipeline Safety
  • Iroquois Appoints New President
  • Safe Operations & System Reliability
  • Right of Way Work Planned for 2013

2012 Summer Edition

  • Iroquois Shines as a STAR Award Winner
  • Making Safety a Priority at Home and in the Workplace
  • Iroquois' Gas Control Command Center Gets a New Look
  • August 11th is National 811 Day

2012 Spring Edition

  • April is National Safe Digging Month
  • Early Detection is the Key to Pipeline Safety
  • Right-of-Way Work Planned for 2012
  • Contact Information for Iroquois' Right-ofWay Agents

2012 Winter Edition

  • Using Technology to Keep Our Pipeline Safe
  • Iroquois Awards Community Grants
  • Community Outreach Committee Supports Local Charitable Organizations
  • Iroquois’ Public Awareness Program
  • Open Invite to All Pipeline Community Emergency Officials

2011 Late Fall Edition

  • Iroquois Reaches a Major Milestone and Celebrates 20 Years
  • Community Outreach Committee - A Helping Hand for Non-Profits
  • A Sweet & Successful United Way Campaign
  • Iroquois Field Techs Help to Make a Difference

2011 Summer Edition

  • Child's Play - A Boundless Playground Makes it Fun for All
  • Using Technology to Enhance Pipeline Integrity
  • 2011 Community Grant Recipients Are Announced
  • Spotlight on a 2010 Community Grant Recipient

2011 Spring Edition

  • Iroquois Supports National Safe Digging Month
  • Iroquois Employee Honored by Dig Safe New York
  • Protecting High Consequence Areas
  • Contact Information for Iroquois' Right-ofWay Agents

2011 Winter Edition

  • Iroquois Announces Year End Community Grant Recipients
  • Projects in the Pipeline
  • Emergency Response Drills Held in Hunts Point, New York
  • Open Invitation to All Community Emergency Responders

2010 December Edition

  • Iroquois Employees Roped in to Live United
  • Coprorate Challenge Promotes Wellness
  • Spares, Strikes & Gutter Balls Support Junior Achievement Programs
  • Iroquois Employees Head Off to School

2010 Summer Edition

  • Making a Difference in the Community
  • Iroquois Announces 2010 Community Grant Recipients
  • Iroquois' First Community Garden

2010 Spring Edition

  • The Importance of Pipeline Safety
  • 811 ... Always Call Before You Dig
  • Protecting High Consequence Areas
  • Contact Information for Iroquois' Right-of-Way Agents

2010 Winter Edition

  • Nurturing International Ideas in Brookfield, CT
  • NYMarc Project Update
  • December 2009 Community Grant Recipients Announced
  • Invitation for Informational Training for Emergency Responders
  • Aid to Haiti

2009 Fall Edition

  • Successful Completion of Iroquois' 08/09 Expansion Project
  • Iroquois Holds Open Season for NYMarc Project
  • Redesigned Website has Arrived
  • Milford Public Officials Tour Compressor Facility
  • Iroquois Rocks Out During its Annual United Way Campaign

2009 Summer Edition

  • Iroquois Celebrates Earth Day
  • 2009 Community Grant Recipients Announced
  • Beach vs. Boardroom: Iroquois’ Summer Internship Program
  • Iroquois Named 2008 Natural Gas Star Award Winner
  • Iroquois Gas Recognized as a Champion of Youth

2009 Spring Edition

  • Pipeline Safety is Fundamental to iroquois' Operation
  • 811 ... Call Before You Dig
  • Protecting High Consequence Areas
  • Contact Information for Iroquois' Right-of-Way Agents

2009 Winter Edition

  • Construction Activities Update MarketAccess & 08/09 Expansion
  • Eastchester In-Service Anniversary

2008 Summer Edition

  • What is a natural gas smart pig
  • Natural Gas Venting
  • Expansion Project Updates
  • Announcement of Community Grant Recipients

2008 Spring Edition

  • Pipeline Safety .. We Are In It Together
  • 811 .. Call Before You Dig
  • High Consequence Areas
  • Contact Information for Iroquois' Right-of-Way Agents

2008 Winter Edition

  • Expansion Project Updates for MarketAccess Project and the 08/09 Expansion Project
  • Metro Express Open Season
  • Iroquois' Community Grant Program and the 2007 Community Grant Recipients
  • Invitation for Pipeline ROW and Emergency Management Response Program presentation
  • Iroquois' Community Outreach Committee
  • Iroquois' 2008 United Way Campaign

2007 Volume 8, Issue 2

  • Partnering With the Public for Pipeline Safety
  • Quaker Street Volunteer Fire Department ICP kit presentation
  • Protecting High Consequence Areas
  • ROW Work Planned

2007 Volume 8, Issue 1

  • Iroquois Awards Final LEAF Grants
  • 2006/2007 LEAF Grant Recipients
  • Employee Committee Reviews Local Charity Requests

2006 Volume 7, Issue 3

  • Iroquois Issues Challenge to Fleet Owners
  • Why They Train
  • Drilling with FDNY

2006 Spring/Summer Edition

  • Restoration Work Begins...with a little help from the goats!
  • LEAF 2005/06 Awards
  • LEAF Guidelines Available
  • 2006 LEAF Survey and Winner

2006 Winter Edition

  • Looking Back: Charities we've had the pleasure of working with throughout the year
  • Landowner & Contractor Guidelines available
  • Iroquois Announces Two New Projects: Brookhaven Lateral and MarketAccess
  • Community Outreach Funding 2005

2005 Autumn Edition

  • Iroquois in the Community. June 4th marked the inaugural voyage of Iroquois' new parade float. Since then you may have seen us in your town. Why did we build a parade float, and what does it mean to your community?
  • Pipe Safety
  • Protecting Mother Nature. Iroquois' field employees work outside every day, and as anyone who's worked outside knows, sooner or later you're bound to come face to face with a wild animal. The bottom line for our employees is we can't interfere with nature, both for the animal's safety as well as our own.
  • 2006 Calendars Available

2005 January-February-March Edition

  • Ten Years of LEAF Grants
  • ROW Work Planned
  • 2004-2005 LEAF Grant Recipients
  • Iroquois Offices & Contacts

2004 November/December Edition

  • ROW Agents Vital Link to Landowners
  • Meet our Agents
  • Emergency Responder Training
  • 2005 Calendars Available

2004 April-May-June Edition

  • Iroquois Announces 2004-2004 LEAF Grant Recipients
  • Iroquois is Serious About Safety
  • 2004 PIPELINE magazine coming soon

2004 January/February Edition

  • Eastchester Extension Ready to Serve
  • Bookmark Us!
  • 2004 Calendars Still Available

2003 Summer Edition

  • Iroquois Announces LEAF Grant Recipients
  • Guide to the Butterfield: Update on 1995 LEAF Grant recipient and the metamorphosis of their project
  • Moth or Butterfly?


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